About Bee Covered

Bee Covered Food Wraps

How Bee Covered got started ...

Welcome to Bee Covered, we are Janet and Denise. Two ladies from South Canterbury who were brought up in an age of less plastic, healthier living, Recycling & sustainable living.

Because we care about our health and the environment, we were concerned about the amount of plastic in our rubbish bin each week.

So we decided to do some research into alternatives to plastic wrap.

This lead us to making Bee Covered food Wraps. Sourcing 100% cotton and 100% Organic Cotton with Organic Dyes we created an alternative food wrap product that is 100% biodegradable.

We  believe in sustainable clean green living and reversing back to basics as much as is possible. So we source the best natural materials we can find.

Bee Covered picks up where the peel on the fruit and vegetables leaves off.

Our beeswax wraps protect food from air and moisture and lets the food breath just like natural peels and rinds.

Welcome to the future of food wraps.